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What is Chord Maestro?

Chord Maestro is a FREE software tool that can be used to create and display chord charts on a computer, TV, or large (confidence) screen without requiring a lot of unnecessary effort. Chord Maestro was made for worship leaders and live bands that are tired of using music stands and having to deal with an ever expanding library of paper chord charts. Although there are a couple of existing tools that claim to offer similar functionality, none of them make it as easy as Chord Maestro. Why should you have to create a chord chart in some non-standard format just to get it to display on a confidence screen? Chord Maestro takes a KISS (keep it simple stupid) approach to solving the chord display problem by requiring chord charts to be simple PDF files. No more entering a bunch of custom tags to get the chord chart to display correctly. No more having one version of the chord chart for printing and another for display. Just create your chord chart using whatever tool you want (e.g. Chord Pro, Word, Planning Center Online, scanned, hand written, whatever) and then display it with Chord Maestro. 

Chord Maestro allows you to control navigation manually using the keyboard or a midi controller device (e.g. foot pedal, iPhone, iPad). Alternatively, chord chart navigation can be synchronized with a click track provided by the built in metronome or any MIDI device that supports MIDI Time Code. Chord Maestro makes no assumptions about your equipment since it's just using straight up MIDI communications (which has been a standard probably since before you were even born). You create your chord charts using whatever tool you want and then control Chord Maestro using the built in metronome or whatever MIDI devices you have available. If you use a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) like Sonar or Logic, you can control Chord Maestro with it. If you use a drum machine, you can most likely control Chord Maestro with it. If you have one of those cheap Casio keyboards from the 80s, you can probably control Chord Maestro with it. A ton of MIDI devices can send MIDI Time Code and thus make them potential control sources for Chord Maestro. 

The combination of manual and automatic control capabilities ensure that even if you have to abandon automated chord chart control during a song (because Murphy doesn't like you), you can always fall back to manual control. If you don't use a click-track and just want to play the chorus 20 times consecutively, you can use manual control to do just that. Chord Maestro doesn't confine you to a little box that requires you to purchase a lot of expensive gear. It gives you a solid tool that accomodates the way you want to do things. 


Planning Center Integration

Do you use Planning Center online? Awesome - so do we. Planning Center Online is a great way to manage your songs and your planning so why should you have to maintain a separate song database for your chord charts. I mean, they're already in the Planning Center database right? Why should you have to update songs in multiple places in order to make a change? We software developers cannot abide such needless rework. Chord Maestro provides a direct interface to Planning Center that allows you to import chord charts in a single step. If you make a change in planning center, the changes can be synchronized with Chord Maestro in two clicks. I'm not pulling your leg here - it's really that easy. Don't beleive me? Check out the videos and download the tool. Chord Maestro might be just the tool you have been searching for.

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