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Why would I use Chord Maestro?

Chord Maestro is useful for anyone that frequently does live performances. This could be either a church worship team or a live band. This tool removes the need for on-stage music stands as well as the need for paper copies of chord charts. Using Chord Maestro makes practices more efficient since you can simply navigate to a particular part of a song and everyone in the band is quite literally "looking at the same sheet of music." In addition, things like transposing into different keys and making last minute changes become very easy in comparison to using paper chord charts.

This tool is also very useful because it allows chord chart display to be synchronized with a click track. This allows the band to play through a song knowing that the right section of the song is displayed on the confidence screen. For this reason, it becomes very difficult to get "lost" while playing through a song. All you have to do is look at the screen and you know what you are supposed to be playing.

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