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Can I create my own chord charts with Chord Maestro?

Yes. Chord Maestro provides a feature rich editor for creating chord charts using the ChordPro format. The editor provides syntax highlighting, auto completion, and sytax checking to make it very easy to generate your own chord charts. The editor also provdies a "render" view that allows you to see what the rendered chord chart will look like as you are inputing the chord chart text. Once the chord chart is completed, Chord Maestro can generate a formatted PDF file in whatever key you want. The application can transpose your chord chart to any desired key as long as you specify the reference key for the song (using the appropriate ChordPro directive).

Once a chord chart is rendered, you can begin adding navigation anchors and recording navigation events. You can also create chord charts in MS Word, Planning Center Online, or some other program that can generate PDF files. However, the chord chart transpose feature only works for chord charts input using the ChordPro editor.

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