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What kind of MIDI foot controller should I buy?

There are several options for controlling Chord Maestro using a foot controller or other MIDI device. Our church started out using the Logidy UMI3 pedal which has three buttons. We mapped these buttons to the "Next Song", "Prev Anchor", and "Next Anchor" commands. However, we eventually purchased a foot pedal that has the ability to store much more than just three commands. This allowed us to be able to have a greater degree of control over the application without having to touch the keyboard. For instance, we can start/stop recording and playback using the pedal. In addition, we can start the metronome, clear recorded events, and perform several other commands.

If you go to and search for "midi foot controller" or "midi foot switch" you will see that there are many options to choose from. Any device that can send MIDI messages either through USB or through standard MIDI cables will work. However, if you are sending through standard MIDI cables, you will need some sort of adapter that allows you to connect them to whatever computer Chord Maestro is running on.

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