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Can I record navigation events at the same time I'm playing through a song?

Yes. Navigation events can be recorded while viewing a chord chart inside a set list in full screen mode (i.e. on the confidence screen). This is really the preferred method of recording navigation events, because you can just start recording and then play through the song with the entire band. As you are playing through the song, you just use the keyboard, foot controller, or some other midi device to navigate through the anchors of whatever song your are viewing on the confidence screen. Once the navigation events are captured, you can hit the play button and the navigation will occur automatically at the appropriate time (as long as you play the song the same way).

One nice feature of the software is that several application commands (e.g. record, play) can be connected to MIDI messages sent from a foot controller. This allows you to start recording or playback without having to mess with the computer. 

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