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Tip #3: Let the pastor do the talking

I once heard a great analogy of worship leading being compared to "driving the bus to Zion." You don't want the passengers to experience a bumpy ride. That is, we want to make the ride as smooth as possible so everyone keeps their eye on the destination rather than the bumpity bump bus ride. Some worship leaders like to talk a lot between songs. I personally think this can be a "bump" because it forces everyone to take their focus off God and begin listening to whatever the worship leader is saying. Not to say there isn't a place for scripture reading or a spoken praise to God. That's more of a "Sela" moment or pause that does not distract the focus of the congregation. I'm referring to the situation where a worship leader decides to reveal the highlights of their time in the 3rd grade at Lowrey Elementary. Even if the story has relevance, it still can be an interruption of the conversation the congregation is having with God.

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