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Tip #2: In Ear Monitoring for the band

This is a huge one for me since I've been playing guitar on worship teams for many years. I've played on teams that used stage monitor speakers and I've played for teams that have in ear monitoring systems. By far, the in ear monitoring systems are the best since you don't have to play the whole "I can't hear myself" game as much. You also don't have to worry about sacrificing your hearing for the purpose of using your musical giftings. I realize that not all churches will be able to afford a cadillac system like the Aviom ( but you can probably put together fairly simple solutions that do a decent job at a fraction of the Aviom price. Check out the BEHRINGER POWERPLAY P1 or the BEHRINGER MICROMON MA400. The idea is to be able to mix in the rest of the band and still be able to hear yourself. The result won't be ideal, but it's still better than stage monitors blaring in your ears. Once you've added in-ear monitoring, you can begin thinking about using a click-track to help the band stay on beat. Your sound guy will be happy as well since there won't be a lot of stage volume coming from on-stage monitors. Ultimately, it minimizes the number of variables that the sound guy has to manage which helps provide a better overall mix. 

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