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How do I control Chord Maestro using an iPhone/iPad?

How do I control Chord Maestro using my iPhone or iPad?

Chord Maestro can be controlled by pretty much any MIDI device. Although an iPhone/iPad is not a conventional MIDI device, it can act as one if you have the right setup. The first thing you'll need to do is to make sure you can send MIDI over a network using the RTP MIDI protocol. Check out the FAQ How do I set-up Chord Maestro to receive MIDI over a network? before completing the steps that follow. In order to control Chord Maestro using you iPhone/iPad, you'll need to download the open source DS MIDI Wifi tool. Next you'll need to purchase one of the supported MIDI controller applications from the Apple app store (e.g. AK-7 Wireless Midi Pad Controller).

Once you've got the iPhone/iPad app installed, start up the DS MIDI Wifi tool and use the interface to connect to one of the virtual MIDI ports you've defined. Once the DS MIDI Wifi tool is configured, you should be able to send control messages to Chord Maestro. Just like with the MIDI Time Code synchronization, you'll want to set up two virtual ports and then connect them. For example, you could have a "ControllerSend" port that is connected to the DS MIDI Wifi and then a "ControllerReceive" port that is specified as the Navigation Control Source in Chord Maestro. Once the ControllerSend port is connected to the ControllerReceive port (using rtpMIDI), the messages you initiate from your iPhone/iPad can be used to control chord chart navigation in Chord Maestro.

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