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How do I set-up Chord Maestro to receive MIDI over a network?

How do I set up Chord Maestro so that it can receive MIDI synchronization messages (i.e. MIDI Time Code) over a network?

Chord Maestro uses the MIDI protocol to control chord chart navigation as well as synchronization with an external MIDI device. The details of how MIDI messages are received by Chord Maestro are not important to the application since it just knows that it is receiving messages from some MIDI input port. There are multiple ways to present MIDI inputs to Chord Maestro, but a very convenient way is through the use of the RTP MIDI protocol. In plain english, this protocol allows MIDI messages to be communicated over a network rather than requiring physical MIDI cables. Using RTP MIDI, you can create virtual MIDI inputs which are then selectable inside Chord Maestro. The great thing about RTP MIDI is that these virtual MIDI ports can be chained together to create complex networks of MIDI communication. If you are using a MAC, then all you have to do is go to the MIDI configuration panel and set-up a couple of virtual MIDI ports. If you are using Windows, then you'll need to download and install the free rtpMIDI tool. This tool is basically a clone of the MAC MIDI configuration tool and thus if you know one, you know the other.

When configuring the virtual MIDI ports, it's good to create one port for each side of communication. For example, if I'm using a DAW (e.g. Sonar) to send MIDI Time Code synchronization messages to Chord Maestro, I would create a MIDI port called "Sonar Send" and another port called "Chord Maestro Receive". Once these ports are created in the rtpMIDI panel, we just have to select the "Sonar Send" as an output port for sending MIDI Time Code from Sonar. Inside Chord Maestro, we select the "Chord Maestro Receive" port for the Sync Source. After this, we just need to connect the "Sonar Send" port to the "Chord Maestro Receive" port in order to complete the link.

After the ports are created and linked, we can synchronize recording/playback of chord chart navigation events using Chord Maestro.

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