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Why would I use Chord Maestro?

Chord Maestro is useful for anyone that frequently does live performances. This could be either a church worship team or a live band. This tool removes the need for on-stage music stands as well as the need for paper copies of chord charts. Using Chord Maestro makes practices more efficient since you can simply navigate to a particular part of a song and everyone in the band is quite literally "looking at the same sheet of music." In addition, things like transposing into different keys and making last minute changes become very easy in comparison to using paper chord charts.

Can I create my own chord charts with Chord Maestro?

Yes. Chord Maestro provides a feature rich editor for creating chord charts using the ChordPro format. The editor provides syntax highlighting, auto completion, and sytax checking to make it very easy to generate your own chord charts. The editor also provdies a "render" view that allows you to see what the rendered chord chart will look like as you are inputing the chord chart text.

Is Chord Maestro Free? Are there any hidden costs?

Chord Maestro is totally free. Initially I was going to sell it, but decided to just give it away for free since my main goal was to get the software out to those who need it. There are no hidden costs within the program. All features are accessible and nothing needs to be "unlocked." The only other costs that you may incur is the purchase of a large display screen/monitor and the cost of a MIDI foot pedal. 

What kind of MIDI foot controller should I buy?

There are several options for controlling Chord Maestro using a foot controller or other MIDI device. Our church started out using the Logidy UMI3 pedal which has three buttons. We mapped these buttons to the "Next Song", "Prev Anchor", and "Next Anchor" commands. However, we eventually purchased a foot pedal that has the ability to store much more than just three commands.

Can I record navigation events at the same time I'm playing through a song?

Yes. Navigation events can be recorded while viewing a chord chart inside a set list in full screen mode (i.e. on the confidence screen). This is really the preferred method of recording navigation events, because you can just start recording and then play through the song with the entire band. As you are playing through the song, you just use the keyboard, foot controller, or some other midi device to navigate through the anchors of whatever song your are viewing on the confidence screen.

What do I need to make Chord Maestro automatically navigate through my chord charts?

All you need to accomplish this is the application. Chord Maestro comes with a built in metronome that can be used as a click track for your band. Just route the output to the headphone jack of the computer or to some other audio output. This metronome also drives the MIDI clock and thus can be used when recording timed chord chart navigation events. Once the events are recorded, they can be played back either at the reference tempo or at some other tempo.

How do I control Chord Maestro using an iPhone/iPad?

Chord Maestro can be controlled by pretty much any MIDI device. Although an iPhone/iPad is not a conventional MIDI device, it can act as one if you have the right setup. The first thing you'll need to do is to make sure you can send MIDI over a network using the RTP MIDI protocol. Check out the FAQ How do I set-up Chord Maestro to receive MIDI over a network? before completing the steps that follow.

How do I set-up Chord Maestro to receive MIDI over a network?

Chord Maestro uses the MIDI protocol to control chord chart navigation as well as synchronization with an external MIDI device. The details of how MIDI messages are received by Chord Maestro are not important to the application since it just knows that it is receiving messages from some MIDI input port. There are multiple ways to present MIDI inputs to Chord Maestro, but a very convenient way is through the use of the RTP MIDI protocol.

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