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Chord Maestro MIDI Configuration

This video shows how to configure MIDI connections in Chord Maestro in order to facilitate MIDI communications to a click-track, MIDI foot switch, iphone, or iPad. This video includes references to open source rtpMIDI and DSMidiWiFi utilities.


Love Chord Maestro!  It's everything I've been looking for, no need to buy another computer to read music.  I've been able to get all my songs in and mapped, but when I can't get the midi to connect right.  Midi Monitor is showing my controller is connected and sending signals. The first menu item I program is entered easily, then Chord Maestro quits receiving the signal.  I'm only using the one laptop and footswitch with the Chord Maestro Time Code Source. I've watched the videos and looked online for a solution, but nothing seems to address the problem I'm having.  

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