Chord Maestro Feeling Invisible? Let Your Audience See You No More Stands

Welcome to Chord Maestro!


Chord Maestro is a FREE software tool that displays chord charts on a computer, TV, or large (confidence) screen without requiring a lot of unnecessary effort. Chord Maestro was made for worship leaders and live bands that are tired of using music stands and having to deal with an ever expanding library of paper chord charts. Although there are a couple of existing tools (you know the ones) that claim to offer similar functionality, none of them make it as easy as Chord Maestro. Why should you have to create a chord chart in some weird format just to get it to display on a confidence screen?

Chord Maestro takes a KISS (keep it simple stupid) approach to solving the chord display problem by requiring chord charts to be simple PDF files. That's right, no more entering a bunch of custom tags to get the chord chart to display correctly. No more having one version of the chord chart for printing and another for display. Just create your chord chart using whatever tool you want (e.g. Word, Planning Center Online, Chord Pro, scanned, hand written, whatever) and then display it with Chord Maestro. 


Screen Shots

Chord Maestro provides an easy to use interface that can be learned quickly. Check out the screen shots to get an idea of what the application looks like.

Chord Queue View 1

Chord Queue View 2

Chord Queue Event View

Set List Viewer

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